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Welcome to Fall Ball!
by posted 09/07/2023

Railriders hat

Welcome Railriders parents!

Lots of exciting things happening within a few days. We have our roster, we have our practice time, and on Saturday we will have our first game. I know, it's all happening so fast. I wanted to take you through some of the rules, league setup, and expectations for the upcoming season. 


6 innings (2 hour max)

Kid pitch - there's a lot of discussion around this, but the league and coaches settled on exclusively letting kids pitch.

4 run/inning mercy rule 

Standard positions, 9 players int he field, 3 outfielders. This can be changed to 4 outfielders if all coaches agree prior to a game

There is a pitch limit, but it depends on the kid's age and it's spread out over a certain period of time (1-3 days). It's complicated. We won't be hitting those numbers. 

All players must use a cup/athletic supporter. It is highly advised they wear a chest protector. If you do not have one yet they won't say anything for the first game. This will protect your child's heart. Dick's carries them, I just ordered one from Amazon. Only USABats standard metal bats are approved for play in the league. If you try to use a USA Baseball or BBCOR or something else the bat and player may be removed from the game. 


Our first practice is this Friday from 4:15-5:30 at the Coleytown fenced field.There is a possibility of rain. I will be there regardless if it rains. You may pick up uniforms (shirts, hats, socks). They're pretty nice looking actually, nice materials. Our colors are dark blue with white, the hate have a little red and gold in it as well. Some of you may not be able to make it until after 4:45. Some might have to leave early. It's short notice, some might not come at all. This is all fine. Every team is in the same boat as us, and we will learn about each other as quickly as possible and put a team out on the field that will compete and have fun. Between practice, the game, and emails I will learn what everyone is able to do as far as practice time goes and we can solidify times for next week. We have the practice field until dark, we will be fine!


This is little league. Generally 8-10 year old kids. A rec league. Have some perspective. We do not fight, yell, intimidate, grab, touch, or otherwise threaten other parents, players, coaches, or umpires. 

We leave things as good or better than how we found it. When we are done with the game the dugout needs to be cleaned up. Any drinks or snacks that the parents bring along should also be disposed of properly. 

For any Coleytown players, if you let me know ahead of time I will be happy to do a pickup as school let's out. As long as your kids have their baseball bags with them I will be around as they play on the playground and warm up for practice. 

If for some reason you do NOT want your child to play a certain position, such as pitcher or catcher, please let me know so I can make a note of it.

I am super excited for the season to start. Let me know if you have any questions, go Railriders!

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