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Fall Season Guidelines - 2013

Please contact all team members immediately after the draft. If you email, please confirm they have heard from you, otherwise call them.  Do NOT swap any rosters.  Never discuss draft order/results outside beyond the draft room. If there is an issue, please contact the fall commissioner.
Coaching Certification
If you did not coach in the spring, you have to submit the Child Protection Form and you also need to have completed the NYSCA certification (in any youth sport). The Form is available using the Coaches Information/Coaches Docs tabs on left hand side of  under Child Protection Form You must submit both before the season starts in order to coach!
Games and Practices
All schedules will be posted on the website.
Check website for rainouts.  (Westport Baseball and Softball is in charge of most of own fields so don’t assume baseball fields are closed just because the Parks & Rec or Soccer phone line says all fields are closed.)  No makeup games.  No forfeits.  If you think you have less than nine going into a game, contact the fall commissioner for call-up lists.  If one team has less than 9, share players or borrow an outfielder(s). 
In the fall, the games are based on available time.  In general keep track of score for the 5-run rule but do not overly focus on game score.  In a league where we are trying to develop more pitchers and have kids learn new positions, it is more productive to focus on the game inning by inning.
Time limits are firm:
Kindergarten               1 - 2:30 PM
Grade 1                      2:30 -4 PM
Grade 2                      2:30 -4 PM

Grade 4                       9:15 – 11:15 AM
Grade 5                       1:30 – 3:30 PM
Grade 6/7                    11:30 – 1:20 PM
Grade 3                       3:30 - 5:15 PM
Unless you are playing on a Coley field and no team is waiting to play, games which hit the time cutoff noted above should leave the field regardless of score or game situation.  In any case please don’t start any half-inning with less than minutes before the cut-off time.  Do not run-over as it will throw off timing for the rest of the day and will disrupt parents schedules. 
Practices can start as soon as you have a confirmed your practice time with the practice field coordinator (fall commissioner @   You are welcome to scrimmage other teams in your grade during your practice time if you would like.  Batting cages and mounds at Town Farms are first-come first-serve in the fall, however please make an effort to share or alternate if other teams are waiting.
Please be aware that after practice (and for 3rd grade game on Saturdays), teams are responsible for  replacing the tarps on home and the pitcher’s mound and weighing down with the rocks.  Since we now use rubber bases, they can be left in place. 
No soft toss hitting against our backstops and fences as it destroys them.  Most fields and the batting cage area are equipped with netting for that purpose.
Please email the Fall Commissioner of any problems on field conditions especially any safety issues. 
Uniforms, as well as 3 dozen baseballs and a scorebook per team, should be ready for pickup at Athletic Shoe Factory by September 7, 2013 .  Make sure you pick up the correct team and check your count.  If you are short a uniform it may already be on order otherwise ask for another:
ASF Outdoors (there are two buildings, this is the one to the right when you are facing)
1554 Post Road East
Westport CT 06880

Equipment Deposit
Each team will provide a $100 dollar equipment deposit. This deposit should be a check made out to WLLB.

Equipment Pickup
Equipment will be given out per email notification.  If anything breaks, is the wrong size or is missing please contact the fall commissioner:

Equipment includes:
Coach Deck training tool card set
4 batting helmets with face cages (3rd grade only)
Catcher’s gear and mitt (Mask must have proper throat protector-left handed mitts may be available.)
Protective Cup (encourage kids to wear their own supporter or ones with sliding pants)
Bucket, scorebook, pitch counter, ice bags, first aid kit
Bats-most 3rd/4th graders use their own although we have used ones if needed. 
Wood bats for 5-7th will be supplied.
ALL equipment must be returned on Saturday November 9th between 8am and 12pm. If equipment is not returned at this time you will be assessed a 25 dollar penalty. Arrangements will have to be made with the equipment manager.
Home team should pay $30 to the plate ump and $20 to the field ump if there is one.  Coaches should keep track of expenditures and send  requests for reimbursements at the end of the season. This reimbursement will include your equipment security deposit of $100.00.  If the umps are a no show, agree on a parent or coach that will officiate the game. 

Please contact the umpire coordinator at .
As always, coaches, players and parents should not yell out calls before the umps or comment at all.  And of course there should absolutely no swearing or abusive language by coaches, players or parents.  Coaches are responsible for reminding their own player, parents and fans to behave properly. Westport Baseball and Softball in coordination with Westport Little League has a ZERO Tolerance policy. Coaches who violate this rule will be suspended.
All coaches are welcome and encouraged to attend a meeting/clinic held for all those kids Grade 6 and up who are interested in umpiring for Westport Little League’s fall baseball season. Dates and times will be posted on the home page of the web site.
Concession Stands
If you are the home team and you are playing on Rogers or Kowalsky Field, you must assign parents to run the Town Farms concession stands which will be open Saturdays.  Instructions for running and for 3rd grade teams to close up are in each stand. The Coley Fenced concession may or may not be opened this fall – you will notified by email.  Parents should check the “Concession Stand Regulations” chapter of the Parents Handbook for more details.  
Lost and Found
Please remind parents that there is a Lost and Found tab on the league website.  Anyone can report lost or found items by clicking on Lost and Found and entering an item.

Fall Ball Rule Modifications
Please keep pitch counts although nothing needs to posted online for the fall.  Pitching rules for all levels:  LESSER of six outs or 75 pitches per pitcher per game per pitcher except 3rd grade where the limit is 50 pitches.  Pitcher’s may not return to the mound after being taken out.
If you are aware of kids pitching in other leagues please speak to the parent and try to take that into account erring on the side of caution.
Remember that a player can play catcher then play pitcher but national Little League rules require than if you throw more than 40 pitches as a pitcher you cannot play catcher for the remainder of the game.  Their studies indicate that a proper “cool down” period is required after pitching which can be hampered by playing catcher.
Please give everyone chances to pitch.  You can switch pitchers during an inning.  Do your best to keep the game moving along.  Coaches can warm up pitchers between innings but players catching warm-ups must catch with a mask.  All catchers must wear a cup.  You can share cups but strongly recommend that all kids wear cups as part of their uniform.  If your next catcher is on base with two outs please substitute your player who made the last out as a pinch runner so gear can be put on.
Batting Order and Playing Time
Every grade will use a continuous batting order.  If someone shows up late put them at the bottom, if someone has to leave they will be skipped without penalty.  Shake up the order from week to week so the same kids are not stuck at the bottom.
All players should have equal time in the infield, outfield and bench.  Remember the fall season is for recreation and instruction.  Please encourage all your players to try pitching and catching and give those who are interested multiple opportunities for each.  Please do not have anyone sit on the bench for more than an inning at a time.
Modification for 3rd grade only:
No stealing second or home, period.  Runners may only come home during a play in progress or walk or HBP.  A player can only steal only base at time – no extra base on overthrow to 2nd.
If you have 10 or more players you can use four outfielders so you have less players sitting out but the outfielders must be at least 15 feet beyond infield dirt..
Inning limits – All grades should use a FIVE RUN limit per inning (Third Grade will use a 4 run limit). 
Please do everything you can to keep the game moving along. If a pitcher loses the plate and walks 2-3 batters, save them for another game and bring in a reliever. Try to tell your players their positions before you finish batting.  Please limit warm-ups between innings to one minute. If a pitcher is coming into the game for the first time, have them warm-up before the inning (catchers must have masks). If they have already pitched, three warm-up throws should be enough. As we’ve discussed, please provide a substitute runner (last player who made out) for your next catcher if they are on base with two outs.

Finally it is the coaches’ job to monitor safety of players and fans at all times. There is no on-deck batter at any level of little league --- only the batter may be holding a bat. Avoid any warm-up situations where errant throws are likely to hit someone.
Runners must always slide feet first or avoid fielders. They should be taught never to run someone over.  Runners can only go head first back to a base. All runners (including drills with live throwing in practice) must wear helmets with full cages.
Catcher’s mask must have throat protector. Please check to make sure it falls in the correct spot.
Please make sure all fence gates are properly closed and please alert me to any safety concerns.